Student Spotlight: Michael Brown

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PIONEER Window Tint School - Vocational Training Academy & Self-Employment University

At PIONEER Window Tint School Of Florida, we pride ourselves on training individuals who have the desire and drive to Be Self Employed and Operate their own window tinting business. While quality is something that runs through our veins at PIONEER Window Tint School Of Florida, so does Our Gratitude and Appreciation For Being Chosen Over Others / Through this post, we want to highlight a student who has assisted Us In Building A Reputation That’s Highly Effective In Attracting New Trainees.

Michael Brown has been more than just another student; he has been an invaluable trainee too. He Came From KENTUCKY To Orlando, Florida and Immersed Himself In our tint school program. He quickly took advantage of our $1000 discount, and did a ten-day training with us in April 2021.

We fondly remember Michael Brown committing himself to hands-on training in window tinting. He was also exposed to the techniques of running a successful business and how to get customers and keep them happy. This is in addition to receiving one-on-one training from the ‘WORLD RECORD HOLDER’ of window tinting.

As a satisfied student who has experienced the HONESTY and INTEGRITY of our school and the quality of our training, his outstanding review helps To persuade others to make the BEST CHOICE by choosing the ‘TINTMASTER OF AMERICA’ - Window Tint School /Vocational Training Academy / and Self-Employment University.

So far, we’re getting inquiries from all over the country! It’s also a Special advantage to Have Our Program located in the World’s number one tourist destination, Orlando, FL.

We sincerely appreciate students such as Michael Brown as they prove that reaching out to a small business owner has its benefits as they are delighted with our window tint program. He was earnest and dedicated in his desire to learn and master the skill of window tinting. This gives us immense satisfaction to state that we did an excellent job at a very reasonable and competitive price. Our focus is on ensuring that our students are happy with the training they received. And we do our best to achieve this.

We did a video of our trainee after completion of the course in which he stated what he valued most was the one-on-one training he received from the ‘WORLD RECORD HOLDER’ of window tinting.

In his words, “If you desire to be one of the best, you need to learn from and be trained by ‘THE BEST.’ I’m glad I chose the ‘TINTMASTER OF AMERICA’ - Window Tint School and Vocational Training Program as they teach you the skill of window tinting and a whole lot more! You get MORE than your money’s worth!”

As We Continually Strive To Be The BEST Window Tint Training Program in America, we ensure that our Trainees get the best All Around Preparation For Long Term Success / Few Window Tint Companies In America have been In Business for more Than FORTY-TWO YEARS! - In The Same Location More Than THIRTY-TWO YEARS! Founded By The PIONEER and ‘WORLD RECORD HOLDER’ Of Window Tinting / TintMaster: ED TC WILSON

In Addition To Your’ HANDS ON’ Training - Our Program Covers:

1. Business setup 

2. Marketing 

3. Pricing 

4. Customer Relations 

5. Complaint Resolution Strategies 

6. Best Policies to adopt

7. Tips and Tricks of the trade 

No Other Program Can Teach You Our SUPER SECRETS of happy customers, great reviews, and window tint enjoyment. Get in touch with us by clicking here or visit our website here.