Meet The Face Behind PIONEER Window Tint School

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I’m Edward TC Wilson, the Founder Of PIONEER Window Tint School / Vocational Training Academy/ Self Employment University.

I look forward to sharing my story. I hope that you will enjoy getting to know me better.

All Of My Life I’ve Always Had An Entrepreneurial Spirit For Coming Up With Money-making Ideas and I’ve Always Become extremely Well Known for whatever I choose to do because of my degree of passion and dedication for doing it / I became A Visionary PIONEER In The Window Tint Industry Because I Realized 42+ Years Ago That Something Had To Be Done About The Uncomfortable and Unbearable Heat Of The Florida Sun / While Selling Products out Of My Vehicle In The Summer Of 1978 I Realized I Had To Find A Solution To The Uncomfortable Heat - I Knew Others Were Dealing With The Same Problem and The Solution I Found or Created Had The Potential To Be A Successful Business.

The Story Behind My Lifetime Determination To Be Self Employed Is The Result Of Growing Up As A Black Person In The 1960’s / The Majority Of Black People Have Experienced Our Share Racial Prejudice and Discrimination and We All Have Our Own Stories To Tell / Because Of Being Discriminated Against, Held Back, and Cheated On I Made Up My Mind To Be Self Employed and PROUD / not Looking To Be Hired and Can’t Be FIRED / I REFUSED To Waste My Time BEGGING Someone To Hire Me / OVER 25 YEARS AGO I Envisioned Starting A Window Tint Training Program - But As Usual - I Was Light Years Ahead Of My Time - Most Peoples Mindset Was Looking For The Security and Dependence Of A JOB / Now After Co Vid19 Many People Have Been Awakened To The ‘NON-SECURITY’ Of A JOB In Today’s World / They Are Now Seeking Opportunities For SELF EMPLOYMENT - and Here We Stand READY, WILLING and More Than QUALIFIED To Assist Others In Becoming SELF EMPLOYED / “No Security Exists Outside The MIND - The Greatest Security You Can Have Is Within Yourself” / (c) ED TC WILSON 1973/age-19.

We Are ‘The TINTMASTER OF AMERICA‘!!! / over 42+ Non-Stop Years of Experience and SURVIVAL In The Window Tint Industry - 2 WORLD RECORDS! - 7 MASTERS Degrees!!! - A 12 TIME HISTORY MAKER!!!! and 40 UNDISPUTED Titles!!!!!

The Window Tinting Business Has Grown In AWARENESS, POPULARITY, and ACCEPTANCE and Has Now Become What I Envisioned It Could Be Over 42 YEARS AGO / A Booming Business Opportunity That Others Are Just Recently Becoming Aware Of The Thing I Enjoy Most About My Business Is Making My Customers Happy / They Happily Pay Me and Leave Feeling Good About Me / I Also Love Having The FreedomTo Exercise My Ingenuity and Creativity/ To Experience The Joy Of Implementing Your Ideas and Watching Your GAME PLAN’s Materialize.

There Is Also A Special Degree Of Satisfaction and PRIDE In Knowing You Can’t Be Laid Off Or Fired If I Can’t Make You Happy I Don’t Want Your Money / If You Choose Me Over Others / My Desire Is To GIVE YOU MY BEST!!! / If I Treat You With Honesty and Fairness My SUCCESS Will Stand The Test Of Time
To Be In Business Over 42 Years and NO CUSTOMER ‘Truthfully’ Has A Bad Thing To Say Is ANOTHER ‘WORLD RECORD’ !!!

Honesty, Fairness, Sincerity, Trustworthiness, Dependability, and Living By The’GOLDEN RULE’ Of Doing Unto Others As I Would Have Them Do Unto Me

The Passion my Customer Express In Their REVIEWS Fills Me With Tears Of PRIDE - Know I Have Succeeded In My Objective Of Making My Customers SO HAPPY They Keep Coming Back and Recommending Others. 

My #1 Passion Is Natural Health and Wellness / I enjoy reading and researching Things That can help us live longer and feel better everyday / since the age of 16 I’ve Had an interest in how to feed my body better / I’ve enjoyed a superior state of health and fitness all my life / I’ve Been A Special History Making Athlete All My Life / I Freely Share My Uncommon Nutritional Understanding With Others / I Have My Own Nutritional Supplement Company For The Purpose Of Helping Myself and Others Better Afford The HIGHEST Quality Supplements.

The Personal Cause I Feel Most Strongly About Is The STUPID and INCONSIDERATE Cutting Down Of All Our Trees and Wooded Areas In The FORMERLY Beautiful State Of Florida / Replacing Them With Heat Radiating Concrete and Gigantic Buildings / When God Created Us He Put Us In A Garden Of BEAUTY and Spirit Calming Serenity - NOT A Stress Stimulating CONCRETE JUNGLE.

I have enjoyed sharing my story about the things that matter to me and how they influence my business.

If you or someone you know could benefit from my expertise as the owner of a residential, commercial, and vehicle tint training institute in Orlando, FL, I invite you to get in touch. Please visit my website at