‘My Self Employment STORY’
“Say It LOUD - I’m BLACK and I’m PROUD!“

Author: ED TC WILSON |

My Self Employment STORY.jpg

I Remember Being Alive In The 1960’s When Black People Were Striving For Our Own POSITIVE IDENTITY and POSITIVE SELF CONCEPT / Every Black Person Who Lived Through That Era Have Personal Experiences Of Being Discriminated Against and Treated Unfairly That Are Unforgettable/ Many Black People Succeeded In Rising Above It - But Many More Did Not / I Have Successfully SURVIVED - Never Having Worked ‘Full Time’ On Anybody’s JOB - All Of My BLACK & PROUD Life / I Have Lived A Life Of Determination To Never Allow Myself To Become Dependent On Being Hired By Somebody Who Doesn’t LIKE ME - RESPECT ME - or Care About Me / My Mother Could Never Understand Why I Refused To Get A Job / Why Waste My Time Filling Out ‘An APPLICATION’ - To Me It Was Too Much Like ‘BEGGING’ / MY PRIDE Wouldn’t Let Me - I’d Rather FIGHT LIKE HELL To Make A Way For Myself / NOT Lookin To Be Hired and CAN’T BE FIRED! HOW SWEET IT IS / My Goal In My Retirement Years Is To Teach and Train Others How To Be ‘SELF EMPLOYED’ and To NEVER Become. 100% Dependent on A JOB As Your ONLY Source Of Income - You Must CREATE INCOME OPPORTUNITY FOR YOURSELF!! - No Matter How Hard The Struggle
You Gotta FIGHT!!! TO BE FREE / I Went To College For The EXPERIENCE - Not For A Degree / Who Needs A Degree When You KNEW In Your Heart Of Hearts YOU NEVER HAD ANY INTENTION OF WORKING FOR SOMEONE and Certainly NOT Full Time

I WILL NEVER FORGET 3 Statements Made At 3 Different Times That Solidified My Determination To Be Self Employed

1971. “The Boss Is Going To Freak Out When He Finds I’ve Hired A Black” ( Gainesville, FL )

1974 “Obviously You Don’t Want To Work With Your Hands” - My Reply “What’s Obvious Is You’re Only Telling Me About Low Paying Labor Type Jobs and Saving All The Good Jobs for The white people
( Daytona Beach, FL)

1975. It Doesn’t Matter How Qualified You Are - The Reason I Didn’t Hire You Is Because ‘ITS MY FOOTBALL and I’M RUNNING THE GAME’
( Orlando, FL )

I THANKED HIM AFTER I Had Dragged The Candidness Out Of Him

I Left That Building In A Proud MOOD Of FIGHTING SPIRIT and DETERMINATION To NEVER! Again Waste My Time Filling Out A Damn Application and ‘IVE GOT TO GET ME A FOOTBALL and RUN MY! GAME

After More Than 50 Years On The Entrepreneural Battlefield - I Hereby Announce The Birth Of ‘TINT-MASTER OF AMERICA’ Window Tint School - Vocational Training Academy’ and SELF EMPLOYMENT UNIVERSITY’ / From IDEA TO REALITY / After The PANDEMIC - Now More Than Ever - The ‘HARVEST IS RIPE’


Not Growing Older - But GROWING BOLDER / My Goal Is Not To just Die Out - But To BURN OUT!! ‘Retirement??? What’s That?