What Makes PIONEER Window Tint School Stand Out

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PIONEER Window Tint School - Vocational Training Academy & Self-Employment University

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About Tint Master of Florida

We are the number one window tint school, vocational training academy, and self-employment university in AMERICA - Located In Orlando, Florida. We have been involved in the window tinting business since 1979, when our founder Ed TC Wilson decided to become a trailblazing PIONEER in the industry.

After Acquiring more than forty-two years! of experience in every aspect of the Window Tinting business (Vehicle, Residential and Commercial) - This Is What makes us more than qualified to educate others on how to succeed in the industry. Therefore we offer a Vehicle ONLY Program $2995 and A Complete training program { vehicle, residential and Commercial } for $6995

Unlike other training programs that Only Focus Of Teaching You The ‘Skill’ Of Tinting - Our Focus is Teaching You The Skill and How To Operate A Successful Business /

Because we operate our course alongside our highly successful window tinting business.

It allows trainees to receive hands-on training with greater schedule flexibility. It also enables them to witness actual customer interactions, complaint resolution strategies, pricing and Refunding Policies, and The SECRET Of Being Happily Self Employed.

No Other Window Tint Training Program Gives You The combined benefit of more than 92 Years! of business expertise, as we also have fifty years of experience in other entrepreneurial endeavors.

Those who choose us over others always end up being ecstatic with joy as we strive to give them more than their money’s worth. The motto we live by states, “there is nothing more valuable than a satisfied customer, and we are in business to make people happy.” 

In addition, being based in ORLANDO, FLORIDA { the #1 tourist destination In The World! } Is a big plus as we attract trainees from all over the US, and their interest is off the charts. (We have been in our current location for over thirty-two years, and the response to our training and services is phenomenal).

The Tint Master of Florida Difference

What makes us unique is that we are the “pied piper” of self-employment / We Have Been A Dedicated Believer In Vocational Self Reliance and Financial Independence For 50Years! /

You Must Never Allow Yourself To Become Totally Dependent On Anybody’s JOB / Because The Founder ( Ed TC WILSON ) has never worked a full-time job for anyone during His Life. It makes Him MORE THAN QUALIFIED to teach others how to Become Involved In the window tinting business, which is currently in a state of exponential growth.

Therefore, we are Highly Motivated and Passionate about showing Others how to turn a $3000 investment into a $300,000 Return and Much More! - Over Time

The Ability To Survive In Business Requires The Same Thought Processes and Personality Traits That It Takes To Survive In Life / No Other Program Reinforces Those Thought Processes and Personality Traits As An Integral Part Of Your Training / We Inspire Ingenuity, Creativity, and Resourcefulness

What also sets us apart is the three R’s Of Business Success ( Our Reputation, Our Reviews, and Our Promotional RAP ), which attract customers like flies.

Few people in any industry can claim over forty years of “highly satisfied” and “repeat customers” who constantly recommend us to others. This is one of our biggest achievements in our industry, and we’re proud to say it.

We have Hundreds of enthusiastic five-star Google reviews and customer testimonials, which fortify our top position in the market. In addition, no one ‘truthfully’ has anything bad to say about us, which has made us very successful.

We Are “The MYTH” of Window Tinting Because Few Tinters Bring Back Memories To More People Over A Longer Period Of Time.

We Are The “MASTER” Of Window Tinting Because We’ve Spent Over 42 Years Mastering This Skill.

We Are The “MAESTRO” Of Window Tinting Because Few Others Have Been More Creative In Formulating Solutions To Window Tint Problems.

We Are The “ GODFATHER” Of Window Tinting Because We Were Promoting Window Tinting Before 70% Of Window Tinters Today Were Even Born!

Because Few Tinters Have Been Around As Long and Still Goin Strong - That’s What Makes Us “The GOAT”!!!

Because We Desire To Introduce Others To The Advantages Of Being A Part Of This Industry and To Give Others The TRAINING and The Guidance To Be Successful / we Are “The COOFO” Of Window Tinting / ‘The Creator Of Opportunity For Others’.

Another Title We’re Extremely Proud Of TRUTHFULLY Proclaiming Is That Of Being The UNDISPUTED “World Record Holder” Of Window Tinting in How Long A Tint Job Has Lasted On A Vehicle Over 28+ Years!!!

To learn more about all that we do at PIONEER Window Tint School - Vocational Training Academy & Self-Employment Universityplease click here. If you have any questions about how we can help you, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us here.